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Audio-Only: GOP Donors' Dumb Ideas: School Choice, Term Limits, a Girl VP - and MORE! with Ryan Girdusky

Audio-Only: GOP Donors' Dumb Ideas: School Choice, Term Limits, a Girl VP - and MORE! with Ryan Girdusky

Don't miss Girdusky's award-winning rant about Nikki Haley at the end

School Choice

Who doesn’t want “school choice”? Home buyers. (“Good schools” is a euphemism for “low crime rate.”)

Of the 6,500 people in Arizona to get the $7k voucher ... 80% never went to public school, just private.

1776 PAC to take back school boards nationwide!

Rupert Murdoch ordered Roger Ailes to take out Trump in first GOP debate of 2016 election cycle:

«A few days before the first GOP debate on Fox in August 2015, Murdoch called Ailes at home. “This has gone on long enough,” Murdoch said, according to a person briefed on the conversation. Murdoch told Ailes he wanted Fox’s debate moderators — Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace — to hammer Trump on a variety of issues. Ailes,,, didn’t fight Murdoch on the debate directive.»

Term Limits:

We lose hard-fought legislative seats AND term limits do nothing to fight corruption.

Better ideas:

End government unions

Shut down and rein in federal agencies. Justice Scalia: “Too many important decisions of the Federal Government are made nowadays by unelected agency officials exercising broad lawmaking authority, rather than by the people’s representatives in Congress.”

Republican Senators: Please STAY IN THE SENATE. Be like LBJ!

Nikki Haley: Electoral Poison:

— 2010, HUGE year for GOP in safe Republican state - Haley wins 51-47

— 2014, a bigger year for GOP when she's an incumbent - Haley wins 56-41

Exit polls in 2014: Haley loses Women, Voters under 50, Black, Independent Women, Anyone not considered evangelical, single people, non-veterans (BASICALLY EVERY GROUP THAT SHE SAYS SHES GONNA WIN IN 2024)

— How S.C. finally got rid of Haley: January 27th, 2016: South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster endorses Trump.

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