And drip by drip our Constitution and country just melts away...

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Yep, no government entitlement goes away, it only gets “expanded.”

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Remember; during the Obamacare debate, where “healthcare” needed to nationalize all College Loans, yeah ten years ago. But, it was done because the left knew this day would come.

It won’t be the last time either, another generation of college borrowers will need their “help” soon. After all, they will need more money to pay for the current generation’s “forgiveness.”

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Aug 26, 2022·edited Aug 26, 2022

I wanted to attend Boston University's school of public communications but it seemed absurd to take on a huge debt to pay for it. Instead I went to the state University and took most of the same courses for a fraction of the price. I worked full time to pay for it and also went to school full time. I met lots of students with nice new cars living it up on student loan cash and thought they were complete morons. Also advised my two sons to choose state colleges while I paid their tuition and expenses to keep them from taking on any debt. There was no affirmative action for us, scholarships or financial aid. AOC had no such limitations and ran up her B.U. college debt while dancing on rooftops. Having paid for my education, now I have the privilege of paying for hers. Despite her 6 figure salary and all manner of corrupt lobbying money. Never saw this one coming. That the Federal Government would completely lose it's mind and shake down the poor and working classes to fund the lifestyles of the rich and insolvent.

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The Chicago Tribune had an article where they interviewed students. Guess what? They all complain how unfair it is that all their debt didn't magically go away.

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This is now essentially a government bailout program targeting those students who are not smart enough to choose majors that are shown to have a real demand in the marketplace and also those students who aren't smart enough to keep themselves out of completely unmanageable debt.

Bank loan officers are smart enough to refuse loans for massive, multimillion-dollar residential estates to low income people because they know there's no chance of them getting their money back.

High School and College guidance and career counselors are apparently 'not' smart enough to encourage students to choose viable careers and only to borrow within their projected means.

It looks as though many of these career counselors knew full well that encouraging students to take out monumental, backbreaking loans for careers in teaching "The History and Marxist Foundations of Guatemalan Lesbian Dance" would set the students up for failure but they did it anyway as a means of propping up low-performing, politically-fashionable Departments. In the real world, this would be a criminal offense and the counselors would be prosecuted for fraud, RICO laws and probably a laundry list of other crimes, but since this is the fantasy world of academia nobody is held accountable and the worthless career tracks and the meaningless Departments are still allowed to be up and running.

It appears that many parents are also to blame in the sense that they have abrogated their crucial roles as parental 'guides of living and common sense' to teachers and school counselors instead of taking a greater interest in their children's future.

Now, taxpayers can look forward to paying the toll for this Democrat vote-buying scheme, which will, as Ann suggests, only serve as a precedent and will be held up as a carrot by future Democrats just as carrots in the form of expensive and unworkable social programs are held up to minority voters.

And so the cycle of corruption, dishonesty and graft continues. crushing the futures of young people and the future of our Nation under the leviathan's massive red wheels.

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You might be accurate on this. Nothing I can do about it either way. Fact is, I paid my goddamn student loans in full. Done deal. If the government wants to bail out tens of thousand of others, not a goddamn thing I can do. My country has gone to hell. It has unraveled before my eyes. We are most unequivocally in a world of shit.

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We're well on our way to becoming like Venezuela under Chavez.

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Keep this up and you could become our Vice President!

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Repeal the 19th Amendment.

Abolish all public funding of all education at all levels.

Adopt Dick Armey's flat tax policy (17%, $20,000 personal exemption), or Orban's (after 4th child, no more income tax).

Invade Canada, damage the Pickering nuclear reactor so that eastern Canada is not allowed to leave its environs, move the US Capitol to Saskatoon, arrest and hang Trudeau.

Free Pantene for Ann!

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Aug 26, 2022·edited Aug 26, 2022

From LewRockwell.com:

Jeff Deist:

"At the end of the day, though, the limitations of the right are illuminated fully in a moment of political controversy like this. The problem isn’t that the right is “stupid” while the left is “evil.” The problem is that the right has a contradictory and unworkable coalition, with various interest groups at odds with each other. On the left, by contrast, years of “cancel culture” haven’t just been an obnoxious social affair, but have cleared the deck politically, removing or marginalizing dissident political voices and ensuring that people pursue the same sort of politics."

IOW, the GOP are worthless.

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Miss Elk: Well Chris, what is it that it is - this theory of mine. Well, this is what it is - my theory that I have, that is to say, which is mine, is mine.

Presenter: Yes, I know it's yours, what is it?

Miss Elk: Where? Oh, what is my theory? This is it. My theory that belongs to me is as follows. This is how it goes. The next thing I'm going to say is my theory. Ready?

Presenter: Yes.

Miss Elk: My theory by A. Elk. Brackets Miss, brackets. This theory goes as

follows and begins now. All brontosauruses are thin at one end, much, much

thicker in the middle and then thin again at the far end. That is my theory,

it is mine, and belongs to me and I own it, and what it is too.

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Duh? I wake up to this brilliant observation from someone with a vastly higher IQ than I. Luv you Ann

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Thank you for sharing your perspective Ann.

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Ann is right. We need to face up to it. Can we trust Trump not to fuck things up again? I'm not so sure. What about DeSantis? He seems a better bet.

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Aug 27, 2022·edited Aug 28, 2022

Here's how the Dems will expand it and punk Trump.

This is set-up to fail and forgive all the loans while blaming Trump for something he did that will piss off many borrowers, and... it was also just a copy of the policy he wanted, but Nancy, Paul, Chuck and Mitch wouldn't give him.

Trump wanted to forgive these first, but instead the only thing he did screwed many on forgiveness. So, 2024 they'll correct Trump's mistake, advertise that, and forgive all (and do free college). Here's the part that will do that:

1) The IBR at 5% income cap and 10 years max (which, COVID non-payment and economic deferment $0 payments count as years, folks) is close enough to no payment... what's the point of a few years of payments that for many won't decrease principal? If your income is $50k, you're tapped out at $2,500 / year payment. So, get more loans, get more degrees... it doesn't cost you anything. Free is coming.

2) But, for those currently making payments and who currently MIGHT HAVE benefited from the IBR difference - Trump's DoE gave a 1-time window to roll non-FFEL loans into that program... WHICH... RESET THE IBR TIMELINE for those people!

Trump wanted full loan forgiveness (it's why he tried to get rid of the Public Service only forgiveness... he's very clear on that... he wanted to remove it and force the Dem's to do forgiveness for ALL). They didn't give it to him. They gave him a plan to pull loans in where the govt now has them all, but, they screwed people that were close to the new IBR forgiveness point.

How many borrowers with 10 years of payments, that rolled over for the COVID deferral and lower rates, are going to be P/O'd that TRUMP cost them a complete wiping out of debt and now they have 10 MORE YEARS of payments?

At which time, 2024, they will forgive all loans in time for the election. 100%

PS Trump wanted the same thing but IBR at 10% / 15 years. Not at all different and on the same path to total forgiveness. So, it's once again, something he was entirely played on, and the left implements Donald's plan and gets all the credit.

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