At this point anyone in Trump’s camp is hopelessly delusional. The man did NOTHING except hire his kids and make every possible mistake in building his cabinet (bankers!), move the embassy to Jerusalem, “tax cuts”, and whine about wall funding while signing every pork-laden omnibus spending bill and betraying us on DACA, yet his sycophants act like he was St. George fighting the dragon. (At least we got no more wars except that occasional, light bombing of Syria in 2017-2020.) We got a good economy for a few years that has all but evaporated, with nothing to show for it except a porous border that proves our economy is better than Mexico’s. Great. Thank you, Ann, for pointing out that Trump did nothing to stop the swell of insane cultural battles (transgenderism, BLM, antifa, etc.) and let the country burn in 2020 before his ignominious defeat. The only question now is, how can we get rid of him and how do we HAMMER these truths into the heads of his lobotomized groupies? DeSantis does, Trump says. How is this even a choice for some people? Florida is a paradise compared to every other state right now.

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Whenever I see a (legitimate) news story about Ron DeSantis, it's about him doing something constructive that will help the decent people of Florida. Today he held a press conference to raise awareness of the poison being pushed onto children in public schools and of the tangible steps he's taking to bring sanity back to academia:

"Ron DeSantis exposes the pornography in school books: Florida Governor details sexually explicit scenes available to kids - and vows to fight teachers and ban them from the classrooms"


Fighting the Teachers' Unions...or any Labor Union for that matter...is one of the "third rails" of politics that can serve as an indicator of how much of a spine, if any, a politician has. If DeSantis follows through with this and continues cleaning up Florida schools, I predict that this will endear him to decent parents everywhere and will be a huge boost to his name recognition as well as his clout in the next Presidential election.

After decades of Presidents who have delivered mainly empty promises and policies that ended up doing far more harm than good, I believe that Americans are LONGING for a President who has a proven track record in doing what's right for this country and has the energy to put his love for America into into tangible, functional policy that reverses the spiral into madness and decay that we're currently experiencing. If DeSantis can show major policy successes that's something that will resonate with voters a whole lot more than a lot of loud talk.

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What Trump’s candidacy and presidency did and not necessarily his ‘presence’, was to bring our enemies out, where they could be seen and wanted to be seen. The hate was and is so intense that ‘our friends on the left’ could not but help but openly embrace the rage they live with. ‘Death to America’ is their destination. We should all know the enemy by now and the traitors among us. That’s what Trump’s legacy is. What separates us from them is far more than the tread that binds us.

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Ronny DeSantis had the statue of Confederate general Edmund Kirby removed from Florida's display in the U.S. Capitol and replaced with black civil rights leader Mary McLeod Bethune:


So DeSantis isn't above the typical Republican virtue signaling when it comes to the confederacy.

Ann's in love now but everyone she supported and promoted has stabbed us in the back. Dubya, Romney, Trump and soon DeSantis if he wins. All Republican presidents turn in to centrist pushovers once elected. Every Republican president moves left on the core issues that got them elected.

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Why is it that no one who when explaining Trump’s first term failures and blames it on Democratic intransigence, mentions that his party was crushed in the 2018 midterms? The GOP, of which Trump as President was the titular leader, lost their majorities in the House and the Senate.

And why are people who are touting the campaign promises he is currently making (including at CPAC) not wondering why he made nothing like them when he was actually running for re-election in 2020? No flying cars, no new cities, no mass deportations -- nothing, except a $500 billion Platinum Plan for Blacks, which I think could fairly be called REPARATIONS. He didn’t even write a new platform at the 2020 Republican convention.

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As of today, Florida does NOT have E-Verify.

Please take a look at Gov. DeSantis record while a US Representative. He voted WITH Speaker Ryan.

His connection to very Libertarian Club for Growth is problematic.

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Ann Coulter's points are, as usual, valid and well taken. Nevertheless, I will stay with the man who inspired the MAGA/America First Movement.

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No statues fell in Florida because DeSantis didn't have every democrat in congress, the all powerful left wing propaganda media machine and 3/4 of the republicans in Washington fighting against him. You don't think Trump tried to secure the border, deport illegal immigrants, and outlaw birthright citizenship? What makes you think DeSantis can walk into the Washington meatgrinder in '24 and get these things done in his first term? Trump doesn't care about our heritage and beautiful artwork? Are you serious? Hey, Craig Roland from Rome, Georga! Your vote most certainly won't count if you don't vote, you moron. I know Trump can be a jackass. He struts around with his stupid haircut calling people names. I get it. The bottom line is this: if he gets the nomination, you damn well better vote for him or we're finished.

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"     Gov. DeSantis signed a bill prohibiting biological males (according to their birth certificates) from competing in women’s sports in any interscholastic, intercollegiate, intramural or club athletic teams or sports that are sponsored by a public secondary school, high school, public college or university institution in the state of Florida." Ron DeSantis is a man of real Conservative action! And Donald Trump is a man of useless tweets, such as, LAW AND ORDER, the only thing he did during the George Floyd riots starting in May, 2020. He made absolutely no Presidential moves to stop the carnage. Go DeSantis!

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Oh Ann, stop throwing shade at some of these poor old presidents.

Other than a few cognizant souls, how many people really know that when when they thought they were electing a President Trump, they really got a President Ivanka.

And just to show the bi-partisan nature of this phenomena, many poor Democrats likewise thought they were electing Jor Biden and ended up with President Doctor Jill.

So I guess we should all hope and pray that if we elect a President Ron DeSantis we actually get a President Ron DeSantis...or, we should all start Prince Harry's mushroom-based therapy to treat slight of hand and head for the hallucinogens.

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Mar 8·edited Mar 8

OK, so I have a couple questions. Really--questions, not critcisms!

If memory serves, Trump was always pushing for wall funding, but didn't the Dem's threw up blocks every step of the way? Wall was being built.

With regards to the things DeSantis accomplished in FL, doesn't that mean that other states could have done the same things? Could the federal government have forced other states to copy FL? ~Thanks

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He should have built the wall on DAY ONE. Birthright citizenship should've ended immediately. No podium grandstanding, just behind the scenes hard work.

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Ann, get your message out pronto not with the your choir which I’m a part of.

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It is highly unlikely that Gov. DeSantis can win the Republican nomination. Like every Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee member (committeeperson) and activist, like every donor, like everyone in leadership, we campaigned not only for Ron DeSantis but for the DeSantis endorsed candidates for a term of FOUR years. Had Gov. DeSantis said he intended to be governor for only TWO years, I think enthusiasm would have waned significantly.

Ron DeSantis could not have won the 2018 Republican primary against the then Commissioner of Agriculture who was the choice of the Florida Republican opportunistic Establishment. Trump had won Florida in 2016 and then endorsed Ron DeSantis over Adam Putnam. Then DeSantis squeaked a 30,000 general election win over Soros funded, depraved degenerate drug addicted Andrew Gillum

Ron DeSantis was re-elected by a 20% margin to be governor of Florida NOT to run for President. There is no one in the Florida government who is positioned to take Gov. DeSantis' place so he will have abandoned the people who voted for him.

Not only ungrateful to Trump but also to the voters of Florida who voted for him to be their governor. DeSantis will have shown himself to have played us and to be the kind of political opportunist we have come to despise, the kind of politician that the independent of donors and the Establishment Trump is NOT.

Donald Trump inspired and energizes the MAGA/America First Movement and LIKE NO OTHER has withstood the full fury of the Administrative State (the aptly name The Swamp) and the Establishment Media, both Democrat and Republican.

Courage “ He has the indispensable attribute of a leader: courage. “

Independence “Because no secret puppeteer operating from the shadows owns him, …”


Full Transcript -https://tomklingenstein.com/assets/pdfs/trumps_virtues.pdf

Trump's Virtues - Tom Klingenstein

1,122,599 views Jul 6, 2022 M

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I am a rank and file activist with the Palm Beach County Republican Party.

It would be useful if a reporter actually reported on what the Palm Beach County Republican Party leadership, donors, rank and file committee people like me, activists and Palm Beach County voters actually think and do rather than commenting from a helicopter.

The Republican Party of Palm Beach County (PBC) , donors, leadership, activists, committee people and Republican voters are 100% Trump.

If DeSantis can't win Palm Beach County, how can he win Florida?

If DeSantis can't win Florida, how can he win the Republican nomination for President 2024?

You can ask Chairman Barnett who was re-elected chair with endorsement from Pres. Trump. The annual Lincoln Day dinner will be held at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s home, and has exceeded fundraising goals with sold out attendance.

Club 47 is aligned with the Republican Party of Palm Beach County and is hosting Kellyanne Conway on Monday night. I expect attendance will be over a 1000 Republican voters and activists.

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Thank you for your bullet-pointed-draft-perspectives Ann. Slow and steady can win the race. Current events prove events can be rationally addressed in the moment and we can have a US future of not always looking backwards.

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