An excellent column, Ann!

As the legacy media trash desperately try to convince us that they NEVER said these things and, if they did, they were just following CDC recommendations and so they can't be blamed...lets have a moment of somber reflection for the BILLIONS of people worldwide who had their lives needlessly upended over this.

~The unnecessary deaths

~The unnecessary suffering

~The businesses that needlessly went under

~The lives needlessly destroyed

~The politicians who found their true calling as jackbooted Gauleiters, reveling in their Emergency Powers and using them far beyond what was ever needed.

~All of the friends we've made on Twitter and elsewhere who were banned (and remain banned) because they dared to speak what we now know is the truth.

~The exposure of highly-touted 'experts' as mindless charlatans and fame-seekers

~Seeing how quickly our friends and neighbors eagerly became "Covid Karens", embracing their inner bully "for the public good"

Hopefully this Covid Madness will have been an educational experience for all thoughtful people. but it wasn't worth the cost. Police beating up people for the crime of not wearing a mask, families crying behind glass barriers because they couldn't comfort dying relatives...it was all WAY too high of a cost.

And the ones who caused it all only got fabulously wealthy.

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Dr. Murtaza Akhter, clinical assistant professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine: “Natural immunity is fine for a little bit. But that is not the way to protect yourself. The way to protect yourself from COVID is by being vaccinated and by just not getting it.”

-- "All In With Chris Hayes," Oct. 18, 2021

The way to protect yourself from COVID is by being vaccinated and by just not getting it.”

Not getting it, good. But there was never any vaccine for Covid. There was only a highly experimental immune system modification. Don't ever confuse this with vaccines for diseases like polio or measles or small pox. This is some Frankenstein shit that they forced us to take, against our will in many cases. It turns out that many of us should never have taken it. But the even greater concern is that our government acted blatantly to make nearly all of our civil liberties no longer relevant nor enforceable. If we don't hold our individual elected officials responsible for how this was conducted, then we have to accept whatever they want to do to us and whenever they (or their funders) want.

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In my mind, two things, no, three things make Donald Trump totally unacceptable to ever hold the office of President of the united States again.

1. The exploitation of Ann Coulter and her book, Adios America.

2. Deliberately breaking his promise to build the wall, a betrayal to Angel moms and dads and to the country.

3. His and Jared Kushner's willingness to brown nose the ass of Anthony Fauci, shutting down the country for 15 days to flatten the curve, nothing more than a damn mealy mouthed lie!

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Imagine how different the last 3 years would have been if the public health authorities AND TRUMP ADMINISTRATION had simply protected the elderly and those with significant co-morbidities, cautioned those who were obese to diet and exercise, and left everyone else alone.

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“America’s biggest problem today is suicide, not China.” (Ann Coulter)

Don’t be fooled again by the DC crowd and those in the pay of the military-industrial complex, even if they’re on Fox. All this tough talk and war drum beating about China is just another stupid Con, Inc. diversion to prevent Republicans from paying attention to American white people.

If China is such a threat, why are there 450,000 Chinese in our universities, taking spots middle and working class Americans could have. Did we ever have even 4,500 Soviet Russian exchange students?

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It was always obvious from the start that the virus escaped from the lab. The wet market canard was never plausible. You have a virus lab doing research on the exact kind of virus that infected the world and the New York Times is telling you that the lab 'theory' is a crazy conspiracy. Quite simply and obviously, What are the odds? Let's talk about other obvious truths. The Nordstream pipeline didn't blow itself up. It is obvious who did. Start with the guy who bragged that he would blow it up and go from there. Ukraine is not winning the war. And they never had a chance to win a war against Russia. I also have my doubts about Santa Claus and the Easter bunny but they have some remote plausibility that these other obvious truths lack.

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Good column, of course. But there's so much more. Fauci was told virtually on day one by scientists he knew professionally from advisory panels, etc., that the virus was made in a lab and could not have evolved naturally. Fauci convinced them to say otherwise for public consumption, then rewarded them, as he has since HIV days, with Federal money. One of the reasons he did this, of course, was his own role in funding gain of function and the virus itself.

Even worse, the government's tardy admission that the virus was made in Wuhan is just a new layer of coverup designed to conceal the U.S. government's role (DOD, Fauci, and many others, including universities like UNC) in creating the virus then sharing it with China. Maybe someday that layer will be peeled away too and we'll find the real culprits pulling the government's strings. The World Eugenics Forum? Bill Gate's and his friend Jeffrey Epstein, who liked to blackmail scientists along with presidents and "royalty"? China itself? All of those working together?

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Mar 1, 2023·edited Mar 4, 2023

Really great story. I am happy that I don't personally know anyone who died from COVID. But--I do know a few people who knew people who died from it. Some were old, some were young. I do know one person, very much into her senior years, who survived but has lasting neurological damage. People who are getting the more recent strains seem to mostly get over it, although some state that they were sicker than hell with it. The censoring of views that differed from Fauci's narrative and the unreasonable mandates were unfortunate as it has caused people to lose trust in those who are supposed to be the authorities. I only hope a lot was learned from this.

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Mar 3, 2023·edited Mar 6, 2023

The contempt I have for these people is boundless. They brainwashed my family and friends. It felt like invasion of the body snatchers or some kind of zombie movie. Ann noted it, the most sickening part, they loved the power. Dictators had to kill or wage war for years to get the kind of control these imbeciles were able to exercise in a week's time once COVID became this "worldwide pandemic". Healthy people were forced to inject themselves with Lord knows what out of fear over their health ultimatums, the threat they'd be fired. No one told overweight people to exercise or stop smoking, almost everyone I know gained weight closed up in their homes. I only maintained because I bought an exercise bike because my gym closed. Then George Floyd died and suddenly COVID was over so people could burn and loot. My favorite local restaurant went out of business. The foreigners in Latin America got poorer. All the young people in Cuba have left, crossing the southern border or using hereditary laws to enter Spain or Europe. Now unvaccinated people are this minority. I don't even want to date vaccinated men, I can't respect anyone who gave into this though I understand it was a pressure cooker.

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I used to think the difference between conspiracy theory and reality was 9 months. This one had a much longer gestation period. My wife and I were vacationing out-of-state when the pandemic hit. My kids were panicked and urged us to rent a car and drive back. We didn't. Spent March 15th in a crowded bar in Savanah (pre-St. Patrick Day) and lived.

I was working as a bartender at a country club at the time. I still have the letter in my glove box for the police informing them that I was an essential worker. You know how essential bartenders can be. Everyone was in lockdown, but not us proles. I guess we were expendable.

I started on the Swiss protocol that March (zinc, Vit C, quercetin, bromelain) the quercetin was sort of a poor man's hydroxychloroquine, in that it acted as an ionophore which transported the zinc through the cell wall. Once inside the cell, zinc inhibited viral reproduction. Seems to have worked well. Ivermectin worked as well. I didn't give a shit what the media said about off-label uses as they appeared to know far less than they were given credit.

It became apparent that being put on a vent was a death sentence.

Political morons put the infected in nursing homes, better to kill of the 'surplus population' (Scrooge).

States and countries that didn't follow their dictates were supposedly doomed. Sweden did fine, Florida did fine. That didn't keep the druids from wanting to inoculate 2-year olds.

Fauci, didn't he kill a couple thousand gays with his AZT back in the '80s? What a pompous ass of a bureaucrat. I'm surprised he's thus far avoided the firing squad.

Anyone with any awareness knew the virus came out of the Class IV Wuhan lab, which at the time was running as a Class II lab. They threw the original French contractors off the project and finished with the home team, who didn't know squat about about Class IV. Subsequently, testing fluids were flushed directly into the public sewers, lab assistants sold some of the test animals after the experiments to make extra money.

The wet market never sold bats. The horseshoe bats in question were hibernating 850 miles away in caves. The spike protein contained a sequence never found in nature. The only way you could get that sequencing is with CRISPR-9 engineering.

Apparently no one wanted to hurt China's feelings, so they went along with the ruse as long as possible. China is responsible for all of this, millions of deaths, thousands of businesses gone under, toxic world economics. The hell with isolating them from semiconductors, someone needs to put a thermobaric on the Wuhan lab.

That would be a good start.

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Considering the fact that Covid "vaccine" is mRNA based, it's quite possible that modified retrovirus was used as a delivery mechanism to inject DNA segments into recipient's genome. Once retrovirus is inside the human's body it doesn't go anywhere and stays inside the host forever. Since HIV is also retrovirus, it won't be a surprise if in 5 years majority of vaccinated will develop AIDS and be in need of anti-retroviral drugs for the rest of their lives. Anti-retroviral drug manufacturers will be the biggest winners in this scheme.

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“[D]id way better than New York, New Jersey, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. -- all top 10 ‘most aggressive’ lockdown states.”

Me, a West Virginian: We were?

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The Great Barrington Declaration was published on October 4, 2020, but was probably in the works much earlier. It would have taken great national leadership to push back against Fauci, Cuomo and the like in 2020. Bottom line, Trump did not supply that leadership.

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Ann, your peerless wit and sharp pen need to be in the fight to hold the Branch Covidians accountable. It was clearly the biggest political event of our lives. Great job w this salvo and keep it coming.

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Ann I was going to point out how nauseously and chokingly the diversity filling your column had become when I got to the final few sentences of the column…

You must have thought of my post before I wrote it. So just ignore it.

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Senate and House committees conduct oversight. They can investigate the agencies of the executive department, but unless they deauthorize an agency or defund it, the legislators depend on embarrassment to remove bureaucrats.

Devin Nunes did more. He took on the other party, the intelligence community, the media and the “interagency consensus” of the administrative state, not merely a recalcitrant witness. His own leadership (Paul Ryan) did not have his back and his only allies , Trump and Trump’s White House, were out of their depth and paralyzed. So he was sidelined. He was lucky he wasn’t Kavanaughed.

Our side plays for show. The other side plays for keeps.

Why does our side just play for show? Because right wing voters in the US are satisfied with having our grievances voiced, not our interests attended to or our problems solved. Trey Gowdy did it over Benghazi and now he does it on Fox News. Same gig, different place.

(Read the comment threads on conservative sites. They are filled with repetitious and detailed bitching, most of it cribbed from right wing media. In the movie “Shane” a farmer called such useless performances “poking holes in the air with our fingers.”)

Right wing movements in other countries have never been wary of exercising power. Ours is. There are many reasons for this strange American right wing attitude, but it seems to me to have originated in 1964.

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