“You must come round to my view, for otherwise I shall keep on piling fact upon fact on you, until your reason breaks down under them and acknowledges me to be right.”

-- Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

On the other hand, maybe you’ll be right.  I doubt it, but maybe.  It happens.  

The fun of being a “pundit” (or as I like to call myself, AUTHOR OF 13 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERS) used to be debating things – politics, religion, war, crime, history, sex, race, soccer -- or even a real sport.   Arguments are honed, stupid points crushed, and enlightenment achieved.  Grateful thanks are offered, to which I always say, “You’re welcome!”  

But that can’t happen if there’s nobody to point out that the “fact upon fact” isn’t a fact, at all.  As you’ve probably noticed, the range of permissible opinions on both “conservative” and liberal media run the gamut from A to B.  Taxes, war, abortion, Biden’s dementia, and Hunter’s laptop … zzzzzzz

Don’t notice that the elites of both parties are systematically dismantling our country, enthusiastically discriminating against white Americans, suppressing information about black crime, demanding nonstop immigration from the third world!  We’ll keep you distracted with Ukraine! Inflation! AOC! Hunter Biden’s laptop! 

In an odd devolution that seems to rely on old people in nursing homes who don’t know how to work their remotes, the new model for TV debate is:

HOST: [Rhetorical question based on a false premise.]

Guest: You’re absolutely right!  [Adds several more false premises.] 

HOST: I get smarter every time I have you on!  [The last time being 60 minutes ago.]

It’s terrific that TV hosts and print journalists can do their jobs in their sleep, spouting the exact same words, night after night, without ever running the risk of having to think.  But unless you’re a dog, this is boring.  The viewer is provided all the thrill and excitement of a pre-programmed tennis game.  

We live in a democracy.  The people need to know what’s happening in the world and what matters.  But when even the alternative media is scared to death of saying anything that touches on race, immigration or the countless failures of the Republican Party, the voting public is operating in ignorance. We lose -- what is it liberals are so afraid of losing again? oh yes, our democracy.   Which I’m told it dies in darkness.  And 99% of the media are committed to keeping you in darkness.

That’s why the only interesting news comes from Twitter… Twitter circa 2016.  Short of inventing a time machine (or having the richest man in the world buy the platform and throw out the censors), it can be extremely difficult to obtain any relevant news. Even on a free and fair Twitter, the ability to mount a counter-attack to the entire media-industrial complex is limited to 140 characters.  

Often that’s enough.  But sometimes I’ve got to bend your ear a little longer.  That’s why Substack is where I post everything – my columns, videos, podcasts, interviews and random interesting items I need to bring to your attention.  

My Substack – UNSAFE – is the Rapid Response Team to the Democratic Party and its subsidiaries, The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, et al; as well as 90 percent of “conservative” media.  

Read it here first – don’t wait for original ideas to be pilfered by 22-year-old interns, translated by computer into German, then back into English, and re-stated on air by not-very-bright – but easily bought! -- cable news host.

You may not always agree with me. Lots of people don’t agree with me (until they do).  But one thing I can promise you: I say what I think is true.


If you subscribe you will get all my UNSAFE content delivered directly to your In Box.  You will also be able to post comments and interact with me and other subscribers directly.   I generally post content several times a week (not like those annoying Trump fundraising emails that fill up your email box several times per hour).  No ads, no censors, no safe spaces.

Some content will be free, but some -- the videos, the outré topics, the comments section -- can be yours for only $5 a month, or $50 a year.   As you’ve probably noticed, this means you can get the whole shooting match every month for less than the cost of one gallon of gas, or, if Biden is reelected, a quarter gallon of gas. 

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